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04-02-2020: Is Boeing Company Too Big To Fail?

Astute investors have noted that the gyrations of the Dow Jones Industrial Average have been affected to an enormous extent by the presence of Boeing Company as one of the 30 companies in the average. The DJIA would have been volatile in any case due to the coronavirus effect on the global economy, but there have been days when a huge portion of the swings have been due to Boeing alone, helping it plummet to below 2000 or 67% of its value two months ago.

Boeing is critical to the U.S. economy, supporting hundreds of suppliers, our military defense capabilities, the space program, and American airline companies. It employs thousands in almost ewvery state in one way or another. So, we assume the U.S. Government, despite all past resolutions against bailouts, cannot allow this organization to fail, no matter how badly it was formerly managed as it gobbled up many, if not most competing aerospace companies while the U.S. Government, especially under Republicans, shut its eyes to anti-trust requirements.

Our assessment is like that of many, that this company simply cannot be allowed to fail, no matter how badly it was managed. The Government will have to make a bailout. But what those who count upon seeing revenues return to former heights of glory as in 2016 and beyond, we would suggest that what will emerge from what appears to be a terrible balance sheet, will not necessarily benefit investors as much as workers.

Our recent article on Boeing Company (BA) is in the Archives Section Below.

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