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01-31-2021: Zenith Recovery Plan

This site is primarily for the use of our internal traders. Here is a reecovery plan we hope will allow us once again to maintain a free open financial website. Steps will be modified from time to time as we progress.

Step 1:

Avoid the mistake we previously made amd create all our new data files to stream rather than random format. This earlier mistake stems back to when memory and disk space were precious rather than almost unlimited as of today.

Step 2:

Replace our current operating systems with Windows 7 on new hardware using SATA drives. Reliable IDE drives are no longer manufactured "new."

Step 3:

Convert all exsting programs to the exckusive use of stream data for easier editing and maintenance.

Step 4:

Combine commodities price and volume data together in same files and separate all other data and parameters into a separate accompanying file.

This is a good time to work on new systems. There is no time table or target date for expected completion. We will say however that we believe this is a very bad time to be trading the markets due to the mess left by the Trump Administration and low interest rates. Things are way over-valued and printing of money to reduce massive debt to be paid off with low rates will cause massive inflation. Some believe the stock market is the best hedge against inflation. The problem is that when you are riding on air, a massive correction is inevitable, but you know not the day nor the hour. That bit of secrecy allows you time to prepare. So risk is very high and only very large trading organizations can handle it well, and possibly not even them. So patience is required to await more reasonable valulations.

Trading in stocks involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future profits.   Zenith doesnot sell advice nor does it manage discretionary accounts other than its own.  Readers should be aware of the vested interest that all traders / brokers have in encouraging other traders to make the same transactions.    No one should follow investment advice blindly. This web site should be used only as a "sounding board" forconfirming one's own opinion.   Any suggested order placements should be reviewed and reset to fit current market conditions by individual traders.  

Recommendations may include trades which have already been made on the same or a previous day,otherwise the issue is placed on a "watch list."  Suggested stock trades are based upon an approximate maximum $30,000 capitalization requirement per trade.   Zenith's actual trades may be larger.

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