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10/30/2019: Ethanol Industry HIghly Politically Charged

People in Iowa and Minnesota, which are heavy corn-farming states, like E15 ethanol. Most people in most other states do not. There are too many questions about its use effecting possible engine damage. It can also be more expensive. Some doubt it has any positive effect upon the environment. Worse, it is part of a Trump Administration plan to appease midwest farmers and maintain his base, but like so many administration "plans", it is very vague and run by department heads and administrations tainted with various corruption scandals.

The current resignation of the Energy Secretary whichi many believed resulted from his inappropriate involvement in the current Ukrainian defense scandal, in which he had little business acting like a statesman even though the scandal did indirectly involve "energy" because of a Ukrainian natural gas monopoly scandal the President hoped with involve the Bidens. This sort of nonsense heightens the uncertainty surrounding the ethanol market already plagued with trade war uncertainties, environmental regulation failures, and thus we think the market will go lower. This is partially based upon the notion that markets abhor uncertainty.

Our recent article on Ethanol is in the Archives Section below.

10-27-2019: Some Commodities We Haven't Currently Reviewed

How do we pick a commodity for review? Here are technical strength or weakness ratings for 10/25//2019 on the other major commodities not being currently being reviewed or traded on this site. One way to choose a commodity for review is to look at the previous activity and compare it to the present one, to see if there were any dramatic changes. Commodities currently under review on our list of about 18 on this site are not shown below. It's just a way of keeping track of what else is going on with other commodities.

Current Actvity:                                                                                                    Previous Activitiy:

The ratings are good only for date shown, and rapidly change each day, whereas we review the list only periodically. Once a commodity appears on our list of articles and is being currently traded, we consider its long-term direction has been established and trade consistently from that direction wtihout worrying about day-to-day changes. However, that procedure is not the one we use in swing trading stocks.

Archive List

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09-12-2019: December S&P 500 Index: How Is the Little Guy Benefitted?

08-26-2019: October Milk, Class III: Dairy Farms Driven Out of Business

08-20-2019: December Live Cattle: Plant Fire Causes Backlog

08-14-2019: December Chicago Wheat: Too Much Around

08-11-2019: December Soybean Oil: China Allowed to Dominate Market

08-03-2019: December Cotton: New Tariffs Sink Agricultural Economy

07-29-2019: September Copper: Renewable Energy Sources Demand Copper

07-25-2019: October World Sugar: Supplies Plentiful

07-17-2019: September Lumber: Canadian Mill Curtailment

07-10-2019: September Australian Dollar: Depending Upon U.S. Federal Reserve Decisioins

07-03-2019: August Feeder Cattle: Feed Costs Moderate

06-23-2019: September U.S. Dollar Index: Interest Rate Cut Rumors


Updated once a week (usually on Saturdays) unless the preceding week had less than five trading days.
The Cocoa contract involved a roll forward from December to March, the Milk contract from November to December which is why previously-reported initial prices were adjusted to reflect this.

All Commodities Trades: 09/30/2019 - 11/09/2019

 # Commodity           BS    Buy   Sell   Last    Gain Intended  Rough   Group
                                                 (Loss)    Risk Percent

 4 Dec Ethanol          C 137.50 147.10 141.80 $ 11,016  14,848  11.0% Energies
10 Dec Australian Dollr C  68.80  69.10  68.61 $  2,700  14,900  16.7% Currency
26 Dec Soybean Oil      C  30.69  31.83  31.50 $ 17,004  14,976  16.7% Grains  
 5 Dec British Pound    L 128.33        127.97 $ -1,275  14,969  16.7% Currency
 7 Mar Cocoa            C  24.86  24.98  24.98 $    630  14,770  11.0% Softs   
 5 Mar Cotton #2        S         66.66  66.57 $     75  14,975   5.6% Cotton  
25 Dec Milk Cl.III      C  19.09  19.71  19.09 $ 30,250  15,000   5.6% Dairy   
 8 Dec U.S.Dollar Index S         97.86  98.20 $ -2,960  14,880  16.7% Currency
 2 Dec S & P 500 E-Mini C 307.53 308.46 309.05 $    870  14,990   5.6% Stock Id
 4 Jan Feeder Cattle    L 144.17        145.88 $  3,300  14,980  11.2% Meats   
 3 Dec Hi Grade Copper  C 263.80 271.90 268.20 $  5,985  14,925   5.6% Copper  
 4 Jan Lumber           C 389.70 417.30 393.00 $ 12,024  14,916   5.6% Lumber  
 9 Dec Live Cattle      L 118.67        119.25 $  1,818  14,976  11.2% Meats   
 2 Jan Gasoline         C 158.40 165.50 162.10 $  5,904  14,784  11.0% Energies
18 Jan Rough Rice       C 118.72 118.52 120.40 $ -1,260  14,940  16.7% Grains  
14 Mar Sugar #11 World  C  12.34  12.68  12.57 $  4,911  14,896  11.0% Softs   
 2 Dec Silver Mini      L  16.73         16.82 $    390  14,950   5.6% Prec Met
 9 Dec Chicago Wheat    C 507.60 519.70 510.20 $  5,175  14,940  16.7% Grains  

            Adjustment for Open Positions: -($    1,348)

Prior to 11/04:
Other Gains/-Losses This Reporting Period:   $  299,538  ***
 ***  For Contracts Closed or Rolled Forward  __________
Total for all Trades:                        $  394,747

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